Audi S6 01E 6-Speed Transmission Swap

Audi S6  01E 6-Speed Transmission Swap

In this project the goal is to swap out the existing 01E transmission for a brand new model with hardened gears. Not necessarily necessary, but I have it so I might as well do it while waiting for parts for the heater core. The benefit of this modification is to add an extremely strong 1st and 2nd gear to the car which allows for hard clutch-drops and launches from a stand-still, as well as more “generous” first to second gear shifts without blowing the whole transmission. These are of course claims from the previous owner and not necessarily true. We won't know what is in the casing until I break it and take it apart in the future.

Passenger side was more difficult due to the downpipe. I will remove the downpipe for re-installation of the transmission.

This grease got everywhere. I've never used so much cleaning supply. Supported the trans and finally got it to come out. For some reason it wouldn't budge. That is  because there was a bolt I had missed!

Old trans out. It sure has seen better days, but overall a good transmission. The previous owner claims 30k miles on it. A refresh and it'll be good as new. I actually ended up selling this to Broken Quattros for one of his projects down in Utah. You can see above the trans is on a pallet heading out. The new trans is pictured attached to the engine. Picture taken way later in the process.

Here you can see how bad the carrier bushing is. It turns out the entire driveshaft carrier bushing is actually destroyed and needed replacing.

JXB to the rescue!