Audi S6 Gauge Cluster Turbo Gauge Retrofit

Audi S6 Gauge Cluster Turbo Gauge Retrofit

This project is one of many relating to the interior of my 1995 Audi S6. The goal of this project is to integrate a vacuum boost gauge into the stock gauge cluster in place of the clock. The clock is a pretty intricate mechanism that is connected through a circuit board to the oil temp and coolant temp gauges. This makes it a quite difficult job to do, as it requires bridging of several soldering points and avoiding destruction of several traces on the circuit board.

Follow along with pictures!

That's the main things disassembled. The gauge cluster is easy to get apart. The clock bit is not. Removing the clock while preserving the housing was very difficult and I damaged it a bit.

Here are some shots of the gauge taken apart as well as the boost gauge that I had taken apart. The mechanism is pretty cool. Essentially it just blows air into a hole which "inflates" the circular rim and moves the needle.

I had to cut down the gauge housing and adjust the plastic pieces a million times to get it all to fit. This was extremely tedious and by far the hardest part of the whole process.

The "markings" with sharpie were done to show where was "safe" to drill. It turns out that was not very scientific in the end. The last two pics show the gauge face and plastic piece mocked up.

Mocked up a bit more. You can see here that I covered the metal gauge housing in liquid electrical tape to prevent any short circuits. I also stole a gauge needle from the stock gauge cluster to match.

Soldered up the board to bridge the gap which was previously done by the clock gauge. I also made a spacer to allow for a tight fit in the cluster.

Quite frankly after hours and hours and hours of work I was not very pleased with the result and ended up scrapping this idea. I know, all of that for nothing. Sorry. But at least you know how it can be done!