Audi S6 Bose Stereo Wiring Repair

Audi S6 Bose Stereo Wiring Repair

Previously one of the owners wired the car for an aftermarket radio and presumably aftermarket speakers. They did not do too great of a job and as such, I am now undoing that.

I started off with the amplifier. You can see that they simply bypassed the amp and went directly to the sub. This isn't too big of a deal but I want everything back to stock.

After this I turned to the head unit. Frankly this entire wiring harness needs to be redone and it is on the list. As this is me writing from the future, I have received a full wiring harness and will be redoing that wiring back to stock before putting in a new head unit.

The car came with an aftermarket head unit, new in box. I also installed this at the time just to have something, but it ended up doing nothing of note expect making lights bluer and brighter in the cabin.

Tl;DR: I butt-spliced everything back to stock and fixed the few butt splices that were broken. This is all going to replaced in the future with a new wiring harness.