Sandblasting - Final stage

Sandblasting - Final stage

This time I finished up sandblasting. I grabbed the remaining parts I figured I would need to coat up and got to blasting. This was a pretty hectic period and super hard to get a couple pieces done due to size.

Below is an overview of the parts I will be blasting and coating. The range is pretty varied from pipes, water pumps, oil lines, and the oil pan.

Of course you may think I am silly for going through all this work just to paint them and put them back in an engine where you cant see them. To that I say you are correct.

At about this same time I sandblasted my power steering and brake pressure pump. Despite my attempts at masking I still managed to get some sand inside. Woops. This can only mean one thing.

One half removed. You can see it is pretty nasty inside but not much sand on this side.

Taking it apart took a few bolts. Everything went back together nicely and I squirted some of the power steering mineral oil in there for lubage.

Here are some parts sitting patiently waiting to be coated!