1995 Audi S6 Introduction

1995 Audi S6 Introduction

Twas the night before Covid and all through the night, not a single project car was stirring... Or something.

This tale starts just before Covid-19 started in the early months of 2020. I had been looking for a project car to get into as a sort of side-hobby but also as an outlet to modify a car without modifying my car at the time, an Audi S5.

I set my sights on Audi as I am a big fan of their cars. Initially I did what every sane person would do and looked for a Twin Turbo V6 timebomb, a B5 S4. I couldn't find any that fit my criteria. Namely, it had to be a car that could run and drive and had not been driven into the ground; a tall task for a B5 as anybody will tell you.

While looking for this unicorn I stumbled upon a new listing. A 1995 Audi S6 in Brilliant Black. The car looked decent in the pictures, of which there were few. The listing stated just enough information to entice me but not enough to alarm me. This turned out to be a red flag, which I would only uncover later.

I moved quickly on the deal and purchased the car after having a local car enthusiast check it out for me. He mentioned that it would be a pretty big project but not one that is insurmountable if I had the time. Covid-19 had hit and I did have the time. I arranged transport and received the car a few days later. This would enter me into a contract with the disappointment that I was not prepared for.

Here are some pictures to set the mood.

Patiently waiting for the car to arrive and the seller sent these pics. Yes, the car came with a huge amount of extra parts, including door cars, transmission, full engine, struts, and much more. The guy just wanted to get out of the Audi scene and I can't blame him after seeing what was wrong with this car! I will create another post and list everything that needs to be fixed with the car to my knowledge. I might make it a sort of checklist to keep track of what has been done and what needs done.

How about a look at all the stuff that came with the car, then?

Okay Okay, not the best pics, but I wanted to host them somewhere.

A little more tour? Don't mind if I do! Check out the interior and some exterior closeups.

Yes, those are speed holes. Presumable for an air intake of some sort previously.

It doesn't really look too bad once it is cleaned up. I am going to have to buff it out and possibly respray in the future.

As you can see, I have my work cut out for me. This is going to be a long, arduous journey but one that will be super fun and a fantastic teaching moment.