Audi S6 Wrinkle Black

Audi S6 Wrinkle Black

I've been saving this for a while now because a lot of people get excited for wrinkle painted valve covers and such. Another reason I have been hiding it is because the process to get a proper wrinkle is apparently out of my hands. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to how the wrinkle sets up. I've tried with and without heat, light and heavy coats, waiting a few minutes and waiting days. Nothing seems to work.

First I did my intake manifold and it came out perfectly fine. Looks like a perfectly normal wrinkle black paintjob. I used VHT Wrinkle Plus from Autozone. The other pieces I did with the exact same can of paint. The only thing I can think of that has changed is the ambient temperature due to moving into the fall season.

As you  can see it wrinkled quite well. I did 3 or so light-ish coats before anything started to wrinkle. I then applied direct heat with a heat gun for about 10 minutes all over and it started popping up. When trying this same method on the valve cover and coil cover it ended with tons of runs. I think i'll get a new can and try that again but be more patient this time.

This was attempt number one on these pieces. I was very displeased with the results. The wrinkle occurred only in splotches here and there and not nearly as much as was desired. I attempted to follow the instructions of adding some more paint in the areas where wrinkle did not occur but nothing changed.

I ended up sandblasting, cleaning, and trying again. This time I laid the larger part flat so I could walk around it and get everything easier. Still got runs. Still didn't wrinkle. Still crap.

Attempt number 3 to come.

After a week or two of doing nothing I finally got another can of this stuff and went to work. This time with MUCH better success. The first thing to note is that I did get some runs. So be it. I am fine with a few runs because it just adds character.

This time around I heated the parts thoroughly before and during spraying, and then after spraying it on thicker I heated the heck out of the paint. I used a heat gun to do this with direct heat. I ignored all caution that was provided from other guides that said not to heat too much to not "burn" the paint. I don't think that is actually a thing. Turns out that more heat did a wonderful job and now these are the results!