Audi S6 Turbo De-build (Disassembly)

Audi S6 Turbo De-build (Disassembly)

Well, when it rains it pours. They say that projects like this never end because you always find something else to do. This time it is a pretty big "thing to do." While preparing to sandblast the turbo turbine housing I figured I would take the whole thing apart just to be safe. This turned out to be a blessing and a curse.

The turbo itself was in pretty good shape. The whole thing inside was relatively clean, but outside was a different story. The snap ring was essentially welded in place due to rust and the whole thing had clearly never been taken care of. A full rebuild kit is on order, but for now I can just do my blest to clean it up.

This is a Garrett GT3071R. I was actually under the impression that it was a journal bearing turbo but later you will see it is indeed a dual ball bearing turbo. You can see the massive amount of rust on just about the everything, and it is made worse when you consider this is after a 4 hour Chem-dip bath.

Oh jeez, what's this? A hole. That is a hole where there should not be one. It exists on both sides. Luckily this is not a critical failure of the part as the only thing that is behind that hole is a bolt which holds the oil feed flange on. That being said, I really like my cast iron to not have holes in it.

Let's continue. Below you'll see some pics of what it took to get this thing apart. Unfortunately the life of this thing sitting on the turbine shaft as well as the fluid tension made it pretty hard to get off. I resorted to the ol' locking pliers which worked very well. There was not much force used to get it off after all, but it was the only way I could think to pull the compressor wheel without damaging anything. The bolt was marred a little, though.

Check out how nasty this thing is. Also, the balls all fell out upon disassembly. I'm going to have to go back and check that I have them all. As stated, I do have a rebuild kit on the way but it does not include the cage or the balls because this one is in very good shape from what I can see. I don't even think the inside needs a rebuild but since I am in there I will be doing it. Mainly for the seals.

The funny thing about there being sand in this thing is that I hadn't even sandblasted it. It just sat near the sandblaster for a few weeks. Huh.