Audi S6 Teardown and Damage Assessment

Audi S6 Teardown and Damage Assessment

Well, it turns out the reason the engine wasn't firing was manyfold. One of those many folds just happened to be the stuck valves in cylinder 3. I pulled the engine again and got it disassembled. Here is the aftermath!

If you squint you can see some quite worrisome things. The coating of oil and gunk on the pistons from sitting for half a year, the scrape on the piston from the valve, the coolant passages absolutely full of gunk.

Unfortunately I was unable to get the valves out to check the seats so it will be going to a machine shop. It's not for lack of trying, however. I tried both a drill press, the hammer technique, and two different specialty valve removing tools and nothing would work. I suspect these have extremely strong valvespringss in them. There is a receipt in my stack of receipts showing 034 upgraded strength valvesprings.

At any rate, the head and block will be going to Gibson Performance here in Spokane to get rebuilt.

Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure! Check out the gunk in the oil pan. Absolutely shocking stuff. The engine would never have lasted had it started, so I am lucky it did not.

On to the rotating assembly. It doesn't get much better here. You can see a giant pit in one of the crank journals. Unfortunately this crank is not going to be used again in this engine. I ordered a new one from a gentleman.

The bearings were definitely shot but not the worst I've seen. Only one of the journals looked bad. I went through and degreased the entire thing and removed as much crap as I could in the cleaning process. There was a ton of buildup everywhere.

Check out some closer pictures of the cleaned up pistons and such!

Rings off, rod pins out, and rods removed. This can only mean one thing. Upgrades! I got some H-beam forged rods for a decent price. I know a lot of people will see the brand and think it is going to blow up the second I start the car, and it might, but it won't be because of the rods. It would be because of the doofus (me) assembling it. There have been quite a few great reviews of these rods and the tolerances have been tested again and again to be just about perfect.

I also went ahead and grinded down the divot. If nothing else, this piston now has one or two extra cc's available.

Remember what I said in a previous post about organization? I wanted to actually attempt to organize things. Harbor freight for $15. This was a great deal and I will probably buy a few more.

Let's check out the block.

It doesn't seem to be cracked. The paint held up just fine although it's not like the engine ran or anything. The biggest issue is the buildup of deposits in the coolant passages. This will be getting bead blasted and fully cleaned by Gibson Performance.

Check out the next post for the cleaning-ing!