Audi S6 Spare engine and parts liquidation

This post is kind of a throwaway as well as a sort of update. Basically I had loads of parts that I either sold or gave away over this process. This post is for those parts.

We'll start off with the parts that came with the car. Crappy downpipes, very nice uprights which had been modified for perfect ackerman, and an entire stack of misc trim pieces. Almost none of it was needed and most was sold.  Check out the nice crack-free set of carbon fiber trim I sold! Should have kept it considering their price now! Also a genuine RS2 exhaust manifold with cracks in it.

I also wanted to note that the spare engine that was "freshly rebuilt" was in a devastating state. I ended up selling it to Reinis Kotlers and I know he is capable of reviving it but I was quite disappointed in the engine. It had water-based coolant left in it for a year or more and the entire inside was rusted out. I cleaned quite a lot of it out but it will need a full acid bath.

All of this stuff went to New York with Reinis for a new home. Hopefully he can put it to good use! He plans on putting it in his Ur Quattro Rally Car.