Audi S6 Sandblasting, the 3rd

Audi S6 Sandblasting, the 3rd

This is the last time I will be sandblasting parts for this car, I promise. Same setup as previously. 100 to 125 PSI. Aluminum Oxide. Harbor Freight stuff. Anyone can do this!

This time I went a step further. You will see things in this post that shock, stun, and amaze. Please understand that I know the risks. I know that sandblasting an oil pump is stupid. I want it to look cool. The parts will be thoroughly cleaned and the sediments will be dissolved.

Step one: Disassemble things. This first bit is the fan clutch and pulley which will be going bye-bye. Well, the pulley is staying, so it gets coated. The accessory assembly that mounts on the side of the engine will also be getting coated, and thus requires blasting. I was serious when I said everything is getting blasted.

Do not do what I am about to do. I thought it would be far easier to get the casing apart and remove the internals to sandblast the casing of the AC compressor. This was not the case. Instead, enjoy some pictures of my disassembling and re-assembling an AC compressor for sandblasting before I mask it off instead.

That is a super cool design, by the way. They work on a spinning disk, essentially. Anyways, back to it. I save the stickers here just in case.

Next up, oil pump. Same story as the compressor, only this time I had some success. To avoid getting crap all over the inside of this and ruining a working oil pump and killing an engine, I simply took it apart.

And yes, the alternator is included. I got it as torn down as possible before masking and blasting. Unfortunately I was not able to separate the coil and spinny thing all the way, so I had to mask it off instead. Not ideal, but it works fine. I will make extra sure to get rid of the sand in there.

As you can see above, this is quite the process. It's really not difficult but I wanted to make sure I did not destroy the thing. Also note the label maker. Once again, it is important to keep things organized if possible.

Masking was next.

I also ended up taking apart the throttle body and blasting it as well.

These pictures are both for your enjoyment and for my memory loss.

Now some before and afters! This is the fun stuff. Also, no promises on having either before or after pics. Sometimes I just get in the zone and forget to take pictures.

Above you can see the normal parts I have covered as well as some new billet parts I got from EFI Express. They were anodized I believe, which I do not like. They also didn't match the color palette I am going for. The large rectangle piece is from Ultra Performance out of the UK. It's a replacement heat shield for the corrugated stock piece.

Finally, here is fuel rail. I was on the fence on doing this but I ended up happy with the result. I'm not sure if I am going to Cerakote it in the primary or secondary color yet. Also alternator.