Audi S6 Parts Cleaning and Prep

Audi S6 Parts Cleaning and Prep

This time around I want to show you the process I went through for cleaning various parts and stripping them of their paint and coatings. Normally I would have just gone straight to the sandblaster. Actually, I did that; the stuff wouldn't come off. I resorted to aircraft stripper and Chem Dip to remove paint and grime.

We start with the teardown of some of the bits, labeling, and organizing. I didn't want to lose anything or want for knowledge when re-assembling months down the line. I have been there and done that and I do not want to be there or do that again.

Not too dirty on the surface level, but the amount of grime that came off this was immense. It should also be noted that getting those injector cups out unharmed was a joyous occasion.

Poor mothy. This actually came with the new coil cover I purchased from a local enthusiast. I thought I would end up using the coils but I actually only ended up using the cover itself. This replaces the tragically ground-down one I tried polishing a year prior.

You can see into the coolant passages just how bad things are. In the final picture you see the result of me removing a stick-like object blocking an entire port. I couldn't believe my eyes when I found an entire port blocked.

Ready to go for cleaning. I used Chem Dip primarily. Some things I soaked in it, while other things I soaked paper towels in and applied to the parts when it was not possible to soak. A few months later I realized it would be easier to just fill a tub with the stuff, but that did not occur to me at the time. Whatever.

Check out what it did to the exhaust ports without even agitating it. Impressive.

After the Chem Dip bath it was time to strip the paint. I used aircraft stripper which strips just about everything except your skin. It's kind of weird to have such a toxic solvent not actually harm you... visually at least. I probably have cancer now. I did wear gloves as much as possible but one of my fingers ripped.

This stuff works quickly and effectively. The downside is that there were so many crevices that it was hard to get into a lot of places. I ended up having to do this several times to get most of the paint off.

More cleaning, more Chem Dip, and some results.

I also received the new crankshaft in and gave it a nice clean. It looks much better now. I don't currently have any after pics, but these are the befores. It sat in a grease solution for 10 years.