Audi S6 Part Sandblasting

Audi S6 Part Sandblasting

After my first attempt at sandblasting I learned a lot. I also purchased some upgrades for my blast cabinet which should help a lot. I wish I had a foot pedal and more space as I still need to farm out a few parts, but it works just fine as you can see.

Blast media is Aluminum Oxide purchased from Harbor Freight. PSI was 125 PSI. Yes, it was that high. No, it is not recommended. Yes, it destroyed my window several times, even with the Eastwood glass liners on. I had to use this PSI to get to all of the rust and oxidation that had occurred. In the end it was fine.

I also purchased a new air filtration system. I am a proponent of safe operation even if I do not follow it all the time. This unit is just a little Wen deal which isn't great but it works. The proof is in the black crap all over the filter after a few days of use! I also have a vacuum that sucks everything up from the blast cabinet and blows it out the window.

To the blasting! Coil cover first. This thing was nasty. Came out very nicely.

Next up was the crank pulley. Now I know this isn't recommended, but I did sandblast the whole thing. I will mask off the beltway when coating it though.

Check out this stuff I am about to blast. I almost feel dirty doing it because it did look quite nice. I have faith that the idea I have in mind will look good as well.

Oil filter housing getting prepped for blasting. This one was a tossup but since I am going this far I may as well do everything I can. Once again, this was thoroughly cleaned out afterwards. The worst thing that could happen is having a bunch of sand stuck in there. It will receive a full Chem Dip bath as well and then another full clean and acetone bath before coating.

And finally, here are the results of some of the other things I sandblasted after they were cleaned off. This was actually phase one of the sandblasting as you will see in a future post.

You can see a mix of all the pipes and other little auxiliary pieces of the engine. Up next: Cerakoting, v2!