Audi S6 Part Painting!

The tedious wiring and mechanical fixes can take a backseat for a while as I am now ready to strip down some parts and paint them! Well, for the first time. You will see what I mean later.

Phase one was pulling the engine and stripping it all down.

You can see from the sorry state shown here just how bad it really was. My first attempt at cleaning everything was done with a wirewheel and many, many hours. I went through so many wirebrushes and had little remnants of wirewheel everywhere in the garage. Needless to say I do not recommend doing this. Do it properly with a bead blaster instead (you'll see what I mean.)

The engine wasn't the only thing to be painted. I also wanted to do all of the piping and everything that was metal, essentially. I even took apart the old alternator to paint it! If only someone had told me that this paint is not the proper type for engine components. The paint was so soft that you could scratch it off with just your fingernail. Another lesson for the future!

Above you can see the alternator and the wastegate! It's a good thing the engine never got started because I do not trust the lower temp paint. At this point I also cleaned and sprayed the entire underside of the car and every crevice I could find. The amount of por15 and other paints used was tremendous. This thing will never rust.

You can see some of the action here in the engine bay, as well as my attempt at polished aluminum. Needless to say, I did not stick with this look.

Here you can see my very very inexperienced attempt at polishing.

The car came with a pair of wrong-colored bumper trim pieces for wipers. I also ordered a pair of non-wiper trim pieces and painted them. The first attempt was really, really bad. This is what cheap rattle can paint and no prep looks like.

Part two is going to be glorious, where I redo everything and make it more better!