Audi S6 Paint - Version 5000

Audi S6 Paint - Version 5000

I've lost track of how many times I have painted things now. This is the big batch and final spraying of Burnt Bronze that I will be doing. As of writing this I have not finished the Glacier Black parts but I will be doing that tomorrow.

The spraying of this was decent but I was obviously in a rush and results showed. I only had one run I believe and it isn't noticeable, however, I smudged one spot on the front face of the crank accessory pully and a spot on one of the pipes as I hit it against my pants. Not a huge deal, probably never going to notice it, but something that is frustrating nonetheless. The reason this happened is because I did not have enough hooks of the correct size to hang things up where I wanted. A professional shop would have a paint rack to hang things on. I do not, so I find areas with enough space under them to hang things.

Here are pics!

Sometimes it looks like there may be spots I missed, but for the most part that is just because of the light hitting the thousands of little bumps on the surface caused by the sandblasting that is required. I say "most part" because there are two items in here that I have already painted and missed spots on. The braided hose and the throttle body. Nothing to worry about as this paint is fantastic. It is incredibly expensive and does not go very far but Cerakote has been quite nice to work with and shipping has been very quick.

I would love to try out the Zycoat Zybar that I have seen good things about, but that is for another project.

Finally, have a look at all the stuff still to Cerakote! Most of this will be in Glacier Black with maybe one or two pieces remaining to be painted in Burnt Bronze. I do worry that I overdid it on the bronze, but it is what it is. I didn't want it to look tacky when all assembled but at the same time I spent $140 on Bronze paint, you know?

Bonus: Painter sent me a picture of the downpipe! It's almost a shame that I have to cut a hole in the top of the flange and weld in an EGT bung!

Here is the finished up Glacier Black stuff. It's coming out really nicely for the most part. It comes out far nicer on aluminum surfaces compared to iron, but that is to be expected as iron is far more rough.

Final pieces are curing now. Finally done with paint! Probably.

Here is the downpipe that I had done at Liquid Transformations. $100 for this. Very good value in my mind. Plus I got to chat with the owner about his custom Kawasaki he restored! In the pictures it looks like there are some uncoated spots, but that is just the sun reflecting off the paint. It was well coated.