Audi S6 Maintenance Day

This post recaps a bunch of small fixes I made to the car to get it to a more "finished" state.

Step one: New side markers. Driver-side side marker was cracked so I needed a new one. I used this opportunity to switch too Euro styled clear sidemarkers. I think they look better.

Next up we dealt with the trunk struts. They were dead so I replaced them completely. The first time I got a pair of these it was for a coupe. Don't make that mistake! Coupe and Avant have different part numbers.

Next up was filters. Pretty simple. Oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, and spark plugs. As you can see these older plugs have seen quite a bit of oil. I also replaced a few sensors while I was at it. The reason will be explained at a later date. Hint: richness.

I also replaced the fuel sending unit with a spare that came with the car. I anticipate that the reason it was included with the car is because it was dead. You can see that the wires were completely corroded.

In the midst of changing one of the sensors, one of the coolant temp sensors to be exact, it snapped off. Lovely. I luckily was able to easy-out the thing with ease. Phew!

Finally, I had to get a new airbox as the stock one was cracked. This was a pain but it wasn't expensive. I also replaced the starter and ignition switch as the starter was burnt out and the ignition switch was sticking. Two very common problems.

It's starting to be a car again!