Audi S6 Interior Disassembly

Audi S6 Interior Disassembly

When working on this car over the last year I previously added sound deadening and insulation to the rear of the car. I had purchased some extra sound deadening in anticipation that some day I would do the front half of the car as well. While this was more of a "wish", I never really intended to do all of this work. Being that the car is currently down for the count with both engine machining and suspension refresh on the table, it seems a good time to get this taken care of.

I followed a guide posted on Quattro World as usual for this. The writeups there are fantastic as always. It was pretty simple to get down to where I need to be to see the plain floor.

Seat popped up and ready to pull backwards. The mechanism to do this is very bizarre. German engineering at its finest.

Steering wheel was removed to make it a little bit easy to get out the door. In truth this is probably one of the easiest seats to remove from a car that I have ever seen. The only issue was getting the chair caught on a bit of the carpet.

You can see here that I have some leftovers from one of the previous owners. I am really concerned with this. The blue eggs were lip balm and the white cartridges are self explanatory.

Next up, center console.

First spline socket I have seen on this car. Wonder if it's stock? Anyways, I was able to get it out with a flathead I had been using. It was finger tight.

I ended up just yanking the heater core while I was at it. It needs to come back apart anyways as I need to re-fit the motor inside of it as the motor is hitting on something. I will also probably end up replacing the heater core with a metal unit so I don't have to worry about it cracking again. Also to get rid of the red silicone...

It's out! And I didn't even break the carbon! This was a nightmare. I've never had so much trouble with something. The steering column got in the way, one of the vents (in the white sock under the driver side) got in the way, the airbag had to be removed because it got in the way... Just all in all a terrible experience. Tons of room for wiring now, though.

Welp, this has gotten pretty serious. A few months ago I was seconds away from starting the car and now this is the state it is in. This has turned into a full blown restoration project at this point.

Carpet time!

I apologize for the picture quality. I was lit by the afternoon sun at this time and kind of overwhelmed at what I just got myself into. I think this will end this post for now. Next time I revisit the interior will be to clear out the current tar and feathering that exists.