Audi S6 Exhaust Replacement

Audi S6 Exhaust Replacement

This project was a long time coming and one of the things I most wanted to do when I got the car. Initially the plan was to re-use the exhaust that had already been fabricated. The downpipe was "Stromung in nature", according to the previous owner. Whatever it was, it was crusty.

From the turbo all the way back it needed replacing. At first I tried salvaging, but no.

I suppose one bonus is that it had a v-band setup already, which I had intended to use. Unfortunately it was all just junk.

I did my best to salvage this but it wasn't in the cards. All of the rust had just penetrated too far and eroded everything away. I did not have a welder at the time and it didn't even occur to me to get a pipe sander. I now have both and probably could have made this work very nicely, but I went another route instead.

You can see below the downpipe that was very poorly welded and the Turbo housing it attached to.


So as I was saying, I made a decision. STROMUNG.

Seen above is a Stromung Catback exhaust with straight-through pipes (no Cats), EFI Express (Marc Swanson) Downpipe, and a replica RS2 manifold. I did have a spare genuine RS2 manifold but it had some cracks on it and I ended up selling it instead. I did some porting of this exhaust manifold as it had loads of burs and such and it came out nicely after spraying it in Glacier Black Cerakote.

The one problem I have had with this exhaust is that the stock mounting position is not quite working out how I expected. I will give it one more go before fabricating something up. You can see that it doesn't come far enough up to mount in the hole it is supposed to and that is because it hits the front differential.

The downpipe was sprayed in Glacier Bronze Cerakote, c-148. This is good up to 1800 degrees F and should help a lot with the wires it is surrounded by. At first I had wrapped it in fiberglass heat wrap but ended up hating how itchy it was and hard to work with.

Very nice!