Audi S6 Engine Mockup and Assembly

Audi S6 Engine Mockup and Assembly

Cerakoting is finished and it is time to get the engine back together and the rest of the car buttoned up. Surely this means it's going to run soon?!

First, we install a new waterpump and Cam Position Sensor. This baby ran me $180 from EFI Express. New gaskets all around to boot.  

Some turbo pics mid-way through assembly. Nothing special here, just cleaned it up a bit. This was obviously before Cerakoting (from my other post). Also put in new fittings on the turbo.

Now let's get it mocked up on the stand!

It looks good without paint, even now that I know how good it looks with paint (Cerakote).

Finally in!

After this it was time to make some new turbo lines. The originals were just super gross and busted. Some were leaking or on the verge of it and some were just ugly. I dawned each one with some nice DEI fire sleeve for heat management.

New turbo return line from Marc @ EFI Express. In hindsight it was not worth the $75.

From here I fixed one of the pulleys that I put on backwards.

See the slight offset? Yeah, the power steering pump pulley was turned around. Woops! All was fine, though. And did you see that? Did you spot the other pulley?

New Tommi's Billet cam pulley! The old one broke a tooth. Not ideal. Luckily the timing didn't skip when running. Or did it? More to come.

While putting the transmission back in and getting everything mounted up I noticed something went haywire. The clutch slave cylinder piston jumped all the way out of it's race! This was caused by a misalignment when I put the slave cylinder in. It did not press on the shift fork and as such was able to extend too far and pop out. After an hour cleaning up all of the brake fluid I ordered a new one.

New unit in black. I installed it correctly this time and it worked out much better. Note for the future: Install this when the engine is out of the car so you don't have to spend 3 hours trying to get it to line up. While in there I also replaced the clutch bearing and fork. On another note, how does my clutch look? Bad?

Fully mocked up? When I say mocked up what I really mean is that the engine was in and everything was supposed to be good to go. Stay tuned for why it failed. Also check out the super awesome cracked-in-half mounting point for the crank-position and RPM speed sensor! This was one of the more triggersome moments. Peep the spacers on the starter, too. Woo!

Here you can see the stealthy custom line runs behind the cam rear cover. It sneaks in nicely and even has room to fit a fire sleeve. Also seen is a new timing tensioner that was actually installed long ago and I never mentioned it.

During this whole ordeal I got extremely messy and unorganized and vowed to never do that again. In the future I will get some organizers and never suffer the same mistakes.

Time to start it?