Audi S6 Engine disassembly and Turbo Pictures

Audi S6 Engine disassembly and Turbo Pictures

In this post I take apart the top end of the engine to inspect it and check out the turbo. A lot of this adventure has been learning about cars and learning how certain things work. I've never done anything like this so it was very fun and scary to take these expensive things apart and see how they work!

I realized later that I never explained why I did this. Frankly I still ask myself that every day. The car didn't really need to be taken apart at the time but doing so allowed me to get a much better idea of the state of things and how it all worked. I do not regret taking everything apart but it is likely what led to the bent valves in the end.

You can see the absolute state of the turbo and some of the parts here. Everything is stripped and rusted on the hot side. This is what years of neglect looks like.

Engine is fully out and I didn't even need to take off the front end! In hindsight I can't believe I thought that was a good idea. Such a tight fit. Nothing was seriously damaged, though.

Again, the state of the turbo is atrocious. I've considered getting a new one or rebuilding it but it spins freely and nicely. It just looks ugly.

Check out this broken cam timing wheel! You can't see it here but the key was completely broken off. Actually I think you can see it stuck in the keyway on the camshaft.

Stripping it down some more. Spec clutch with some life left in it. I'm going to keep it on there for now I think. I'll get some second opinions as well.

Valve cover came off and I took a look-see. I actually ended up taking the cams out and cleaning everything up! In hindsight, I think this would be my downfall.

What an absolute mess. I also apologize for the pictures. It wasn't until months later that I realized a lot of the poor quality pictures were due to smudges and condensation on the lens. The wiring harness is thrashed.

I also took some time and drained the fuel. Anyone in the mood for apple cider?

Until next time.