Audi S6 Cerakoting

Audi S6 Cerakoting

After sandblasting for several days I received my Cerakote. I decided on the first go-around to use Glacier Black and Glacier Silver in the high temp variants. This is rated for 1800 Fahrenheit, so it can take the heat of the exhaust just fine.

First, I set up my paint booth. I luckily have a rather large cabinet that has a removable shelf. I installed some hooks and a wooden rod which worked in holding it up.

After sandblasting and cleaning the parts it was time to give it a shot. It turns out painting is extremely difficult. The Glacier Black came out okay but the Glacier Silver was much harder to spray and I had all sorts of problems with runs.

You can see how nicely the black came out on the RS2 replica manifold above. In fact, you can also get an idea for my future color scheme with the black and copper! I've said too much.

Getting everything mounted up and it looked a million times better. The runs were still pretty bad and I was not too happy with them, but it was still acceptable from 5 feet away. You can see a slight run in the black but that isn't too bad all things considered. I opted not to do the center turbo housing for fear of getting sand in the housing.

I actually wasn't originally going to paint this stuff. Here are some pictures of the original idea with a "polished" look.